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LOA Berlin

Experience Art And Creativity

With joint commitment an exemplary art and educational project in and from Berlin-Lichtenberg is emerging. And yet LOA Berlin does not see art as elitist event but rather as a creative and living process that is accessible for everyone. The leading motive of the public art initiative is creativity as fertile propelling impulse for change and development – on urban level as well as individually. The idea of LOA Berlin is based on the three pillars LOA Artists, LOA Talents and LOA Kids.

LOA Berlin invites visitors to come and watch

People from Lichtenberg and Berlin as well as their guests can witness the creative origination process of the great façade artworks and the work of the artists in Berlin. The possibility to experience and participate is also given in the programme for children and youths who can witness the artistic design of the façades on site. LOA Berlin is establishing itself as cultural summer event in and from Berlin.