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Christian Awe

Living Space And Lifetime Dream In Lichtenberg

The artist Christian Awe from Lichtenberg is the first LOA artist. His façade painting was realised in 2012 on more than 500 m² on a plattenbau in the street Frankfurter Allee, one of the trunk roads into the heart of the city.

With 150 litres of paint, 900 spray cans, 450 metres of paper, 36,000 transmission points, 5,000 metres of adhesive tape, a whole team of assistants and an educational programme for children from the neighbourhood the powerful motive by Awe was created in 12 weeks of work and teamwork. Facing the former Stasi headquarters on the opposite side of the street, the abstract painting of the artist thematically plays with local history: with its numerous shades of blue, representing freedom and yearning, and the red that symbolizes energy, vigour and creativity.

The Berlin artist's work

Christian Awe's urban, expressive painting moves between the poles of abstract figural art. Aside from national and international exhibitions, the artist, famous for his large-format, vividly coloured creativity, increasingly dedicates himself to art on buildings in Germany, Austria and the USA. The focus lies on Berlin-Lichtenberg, his home and location of his workshop. According to Awe mural art is in the process of becoming a universal language that brings people together.

Aside from his artistic work Christian Awe dedicates himself to conveying art by means of workshops, lectures and teaching, for example at the Berlin University of the Arts, the European School of Management and Technology or internationally in Yale and Princeton.

Open-Air-Kunst Lichtenberg 2012

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  • 1978

    Born in Berlin

  • 2005


    (liberal arts) Berlin University of the Arts – Professor Georg Baselitz

  • 2006

    Master student

    Berlin University of the Arts – Professor Daniel Richter

  • 2011


    Princeton University, Princeton, USA

  • 2012

    Board member and mentor

    "The Young Mesopotamians" – Baghdad University College of Fine Arts, Iraq/London

  • 2013

    Board member

    "Marma Berlin" Artist-in-Residence