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Multi-cultural Berlin

At one more of the Berlin’s traffic hubs – Landsberger Allee – a new façade artwork was created in summer 2014. American artist duo JBAK, James Bullough and Addison Karl, are its creators. During only four weeks they realised their draft. The three monumental human figures symbolise the cultural diversity of Lichtenberg and Berlin. Their vertical arrangement mirrors the traditional ‘totem’ constellation, which stands for community and family.

The interaction between the figures and the building’s architecture make the work’s photorealistic painterly style particularly effective. The artists use shading to create the illusion that the figures are just leaning on the wall and are not part of it. And the relationship between them leaves room for interpretation.

The duo’s distinctive style

In accord with JBAK’s body of work, this artwork features their distinctive style – photorealism combined with a stylised hatching technique. Brilliant colours in red, orange, violet, blue and yellow inject life into a neighbourhood characterised by straight lines and neutral colours. Addison Karl employs his typical hatching technique to create the coloured sections of the image. The other sections are painted in James Bullough’s hyper-realistic style.

The artists who originally come from Baltimore and Seattle have worked together for several years. They share a common interest in art and culture, and a love of experimentation. Their passion for travel and interest in urban societies and the people who live in them led them to embrace the themes of unity and community, which have become the guiding themes of their artistic works. The artist duo lives and works in Berlin.

LOA-façade artwork 2014



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