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Departure into new worlds.

Intended as a present on the 30th jubilee anniversary of Hohenschönhausen, in May 2015 a new façade artwork was realised at the Warnitzer Bogen parallel to Falkenberger Chaussee. Within a three-week period, the KLUB7 group of artists created their murul entitled “Departure into new worlds” on the over 30-metre high gable wall.

A rocket – painted in a rather childish way – is flying through a wondrous world. Past a starry sky, emerging from the comic eyes, and seeking contact with the observer. The connection of architectural elements with organic forms, such as leaves and blossoms, symbolises the living together in the city.

Sensual impressions, moods full of imagination and not least forms, such as leaves and blossoms, provide the content of the graphic collage. The message: the future belongs to those who believe in the truthfulness of their dreams.

The playful handwriting of KLUB7
KLUB7’s works are oriented at the interface of illustration, installation and performance. This artist collective was founded in 1998 in Halle (Saale) and moved the focus of its work and life to Berlin in 2008.

KLUB7 is characterised by a symbiotic style of work concentrating on the moment that combines the various style of the individual members while enabling the creation of complex, yet harmonic team projects.

In this manner, the geometric forms of the current concept interact with the surrounding architecture, thereby encountering organic forms that range from typography, structures and patterns through to concrete motifs. The playful KLUB7 handwriting, the spatial depth and the simultaneous meeting of figurations and abstraction allow the viewer a wide scope for interpretation in his own thoughts.


Group exhibitions


BEHIND THE BLOCK – Berlin/Leipzig/München – Germany 
SILKSCREEN PRINT SHOW – Palanca – Zürich – Switzerland 


DRAWING FOREVER – Flur 11 – Braunschweig – Germany


NO GALLERY - NO STREET ART – Urban Spree – Berlin – Germany
MUSRARAMIX FESTIVAL – The Naggar School of New Media – Jerusalem – Israel 
PICTOPLASMA FESTIVAL – Freie internationale Tankstelle – Berlin – Germany


SIN FRONTERAS FESTIVAL – Cabaret Sauvage – Paris – France
ReKollekt - 9 Jahre PARTY ARTY – Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien – Berlin – Germany
Open Art Space – Projektraum Kunst – Berlin – Germany


37MANIFESTOS! – Forum Factory – Berlin – Germany
D‘ACCORD – Neon Chocolate Gallery – Berlin – Germany
HIDDEN BEAUTY – Schellens Textilfabrik – Eindhoven – The Netherlands
BACKPIECE EXHIBITION – Kurator: KLUB7 – Ritter Butzke – Berlin – Germany


PAPERGIRL – Neurotitan – Berlin – Germany