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A question of attitude.

Lynn Lehmann and Dennis Gärtner make up the artist duo ZEBU. They met as teenagers in the Berlin graffiti and urban art scene and soon discovered that they had a lot in common in how they thought and worked. They founded ZEBU while studying art. Since then, the artistic duo has realised illustrations, murals, silkscreen prints as well as a wide range of commissions together. Although ZEBU became famous with murals in abandoned factory premises, they now also create books, graphics and posters.

What is striking in their works are the long-limbed and abstract figures as well as the special colour combinations. Their imagery is characterised by forms that are two-dimensional and reduced to a few basic colours.

At the end of August 2019, they realized their design “A question of attitude” on a HOWOGE building situated at Am Tierpark 1-3. For the fifth LOA façade they focused on the subject of biodiversity. Their design depicts a figure, which balances – amongst other things – a bee, an otter, a lynx and sea pink (thrift) – plants and animals that could soon become extinct in Germany.

Designing is a matter of fun at ZEBU. They commonly experiment with colours and forms in their works. Nevertheless, a political attitude is of major relevance for the duo, who were both born in 1991. Although aspects, such as sustainability and environmental protection mean a lot to them personally, issues such as gender, gentrification and populism are also addressed in their artistic works.