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The interactive programme from LOA Berlin 2016

This year's creative and interactive programme from LOA Berlin invited new and old neighbours to the north and south of Frankfurter Allee to get creative together, engage in dialogue and get to know each other.

There were a lot of creative events all around the emergency shelter for refugees in the former Stasi headquarters on Ruschestraße 103/104 from 23 May until 22 July.

The grad finale was a big summer neighbourhood festival with a colourful programm and a lot of music on the 22 July.


Citizen Art Days

The "Kiez"-Culture-Summer kicked off with Citizen Art Days where every resident could help shape his/her city and neighbourhood. From 23 till 29 May numerous workshops, interesting presentations, discussions and city tours took place with artists.

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Street art workshop

Colourful street art workshop for youth in cooperation with Gangway e.V.: The group developed and carried out their ideas to decorate a transformer building in the inner courtyard of the building complex on Frankfurter Allee 163-167 in less than two days.

Communal cooking for women

Communal cooking for women: Cook delicious recipes from all over the world in Café Maggie in Lichtenberg. At the meet-ups the women cooked and ate together.

The project will continue. The group meets every Tuesday from 11:00 till 13:00 in Café Maggie.

Printing workshop

Artistic printing workshop with the Berlin artist and graphic designer Mathias Roloff ( This workshop was just right for you if you always wanted to learn the basics of gravure and letterpress printing.

Cartoon workshop

Experience satire and humour from different cultures and learn to draw in the cartoon workshop with Berliner cartoonist Detlef Noack, the German-Syrian graphic designer Rukan Malas and the initiator of the Karlshorst Cartoon Workshop, Tanja Bäcker. During the "Kiez"-Culture-Summer the Karlshorst Cartoon Workshop was a guest of the Kiezspinne. From now on the workshop will take place at iKARUS, Wandlitzstraße 13, 10318 Berlin-Karlshorst.

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Communal cooking for youth

Communal cooking for youth: Travel the world with international recipes in Café Maggie. After cooking together, participants ate together.  

Arts and crafts workshops with the KinderUni Lichtenberg

Arts and crafts workshops with the KinderUni Lichtenberg Under the motto "which animal or fantasy figure have you always wanted to be?" we created in the emergency shelter Bornitzstraße 102 fantastic animal and fairy tale masks from paper.

Reading with the KinderUni Lichtenberg

Reading with the KinderUni Lichtenberg about the topic "How many colours does the world have?" with Professor Katrin Hinz, HTW Berlin. What do colours mean in different countries and cultures? Through the reading, children in the emergency shelter Ruschestraße experienced an extraordinary journey through the colour codes of the world.

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Collage workshops

Creative collage workshops with the Berlin artist duo Various & Gould ( In their series "Face Time", the two artists create character studies in the form of collaged heads. Photographs of individual facial features of the participants are arranged into new faces that represent the entire group. For two workshops Various & Gould were guests in the emergency shelter Ruschestraße. Together with kids the artists produced amazing new face collages.

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Communal garden

During three days a communal garden was built in the inner courtyard of the emergency shelter Bornitzstraße 102. Everyone who has a green thumb or is skilled in craftsmanship was welcome to participate.


Painting workshops

Innovative painting workshops with the internationally renowned artist Christian Awe ( Here children and young adults could give their creativity free reign. We worked with paper and canvas.

City tours

Interesting cultural city tours through Lichtenberg with art history students from Berlin's Humboldt University. Three tours welcomed residents to rediscover Lichtenberg. The 1.5 hour city tours offered a glimpse into urban art in Lichtenberg, the history of the district and art projects in the Herzbergstraße.

Video workshop

In cooperation with the Berlin Weissensee School of Art LOA Berlin hosted an experimental video workshop. The participants could show their view of Berlin in pictures.

During September you will find the clip here.

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