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The largest screens of the world

HOWOGE initiates Urban Art Gallery in Berlin

Die größten Leinwände der Welt - HOWOGE initiiert Urban-Art-Galerie in Berlin

With LOA Berlin (Lichtenberg Open ART) the HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH creates an art and education initiative in and from Berlin. The heart of the project is a growing Urban Art Gallery all across the capital. Renowned artists therefore design house façades in enormous formats – as "largest screens of the world". The objective: To integrate art in the cityscape and to open new perspectives in the urban area with a creative eye. Aside from the development of this gallery, promotion of the youth is an important component of LOA Berlin.

Within the scope of an international contest the HOWOGE is currently looking for experienced artists for the next three art façades. Next year a gable façade of approximately 500 m² at the street Landsberger Allee is to be designed. "In the first instance of the creation process of the future gallery the urban distinctiveness of Lichtenberg is supposed to be in focus," said Stefanie Frensch, managing director of the HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH. "It is our vision to create a gallery, together with our partners, that likewise attracts Berlin inhabitants as well as visitors and thus makes art an experience accessible to everyone. The large response to our contest shows that we are on the right track with our idea." A total of 49 artists and teams from six countries have applied for the contest since August. With the support of an artistic advisory board, consisting of representatives from art, science, economy and politics, a pre-selection of the applicants is currently taking place. The winner will be determined at the beginning of 2014.

The springboard for LOA Berlin was the realisation of a façade artwork at the street Frankfurter Allee by the artist Christian Awe in 2012. "The project was accepted exceedingly well by the inhabitants and attracted attention throughout Germany," said Stefanie Frensch. "This response was the crucial factor for the decision to extend the project and put it on a wider foundation as LOA Berlin."

LOA Berlin also banks on the promotion of creativity among children and youths. Aside from the LOA Artists that design the large main façades the initiative is built on the pillars LOA Talents and LOA Kids. For example: the project days "City Art" will be offered in 2014 within the framework of LOA Kids. Approximately ten classes can experiment with their own ideas concerning the topic of façade art in perception and practical work under the direction of artists and teachers from the Jugendkunstschule Lichtenberg (art school for young people). As of 2015 LOA Talents is to give young talents the opportunity to take part in the creation of the large gallery with their own designs.

LOA Berlin pursues a community approach. Interested companies can thus participate in LOA Berlin as partners – either as project partner or as sponsor of LOA Talents or LOA Kids for the promotion of the young talents.