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Contest for Facade Art

Looking for creative artists for the next art façade

The HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH is giving the go-ahead for the international contest for the artistic design of skyscraper façades within the scope of the initiative "Lichtenberg Open ART" (LOA Berlin). Until the 30th September, interested artists and artistic groups can participate in a first contest phase. In the second phase, the artists are asked to deliver an artistic design. The prefabricated buildings or “plattenbauten” with their windowless gables that are typical for Berlin-Lichtenberg provide up to 500 m² of space for the artists' creative ideas. No specific theme was given in order not to constrain the artistic freedom. The winning design will be chosen at the beginning of next year.

With this tender the HOWOGE is continuing the public art project that has been started in the summer of 2012. Back then, the artist Christian Awe realised the first façade artwork on the building of the HOWOGE in the street Frankfurter Allee 192. "Together we want to design a part of Lichtenberg and make a long-term contribution to the gentrification of the district with these artworks," said Stefanie Frensch, managing director of the HOWOGE. "It is also important to us that tenants and neighbours can witness the creative origination process. Art is not elitist, it's for everyone."

This message is also conveyed at the event "Street meets Art" on the 15th September in the HOWOGE arena "Hans Zoschke": representatives from the Berlin art and cultural scene compete with teams from the district of Lichtenberg during a football tournament.

Youths aged 11 and older are invited to the art workshop with the artistic duo Various & Gould, which is taking place simultaneously. Encouraged and directed by the artists, the youths can paint a wall area in the HOWOGE arena and thus jointly design a part of Lichtenberg.