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"Street meets Art"

Game of art on the wall and football on the green

On Sunday, the 15th of September, from 11 o'clock, the HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH will host the art-football tournament "Street meets Art" in the HOWOGE arena "Hans Zoschke". Artists and gallery owners of the Berlin art scene compete with the teams from the district of Lichtenberg. LOA Berlin targets the development of an exceptional Urban Art Gallery with artworks all across the district, shedding a new light on Lichtenberg. In addition, a promotion programme gives children, youths and young talents the possibility to grow in their own creativity and to realise individual ideas.

Motto of the art initiative: The wall is the game! At the same time, young talents will be equipped with brushes, stencils and spray cans to realise an eight metre long mural under artistic direction. The workshop will be lead by Various & Gould, a young artistic duo from Berlin that has been working together closely since 2005. What unites the graduates from the art college Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin is their enthusiasm for random beauty in everyday-life. Collaborations with fellow artists and the work in the public sector form the foundation for their joint work.

Lichtenberg – Location For Art

Aside from "Street meets Art" the Long Night of Pictures will take place in Lichtenberg from the 14th to the 15th of September. Additionally, the initiative "Lichtenberg Open ART" (LOA Berlin) planned by the HOWOGE will shift the attention of the art scene increasingly on the district. "With LOA Berlin we are implementing our vision of a growing Public Art Gallery all across the district of Lichtenberg," said Stefanie Frensch. A first step towards the largest open air gallery in Berlin has already been made. In 2012, Christian Awe designed a skyscraper façade in the street Frankfurter Allee 192.

In order for others to follow the HOWOGE has recently given the go-ahead for a second international contest for the artistic design of house façades. Until the 30th September, interested artists and artistic groups can participate in a first contest phase. The tender documents are available on the HOWOGE website

Further information on the initiative LOA Berlin will be provided as of mid-October.